Personally Guided Luxury Touring

to suite your taste and your pace

Personalised Tour Itineraries and New Zealand Accommodation

Chauffeur New Zealand customised tours offer:



Includes hire, host driver and guide, fuel and GST

Not included:

Note: only the latest model of Mini Coaches are used.


   Includes hire, host driver and guide, fuel and GST.


   Includes host driver and guide only. 


All information and prices may be subject to change at any time.

Accommodation Options

The South Island of New Zealand offers a variety of private bed & breakfast, motel, hotel and lodge accommodation. 

We offer three planning options:

You Book Your Own Choice
If you have pre-booked your accommodation before starting the tour, we will design the itinerary around your accommodation bookings.

Unique Accommodation
Chauffeur New Zealand has the pleasure to introduce a prestige listing of Luxurious Boutique Bed & Breakfast accommodation in the South Island, these unique B & B's are the very top of the range accommodation. 

For further information please refer to our LINKS

En-route Freedom Booking
We offer a freedom tour where the itinerary is flexible and we acquire selected New Zealand accommodation as we travel.